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How to get 1000 likes in 1 year on Facebook


Social media is the quickly becoming the juggernaut of interpersonal and business connection. There are over 1billion users on Facebook, and the site sees over 600 million unique visitors a month. While Facebook is obviously the dominant player in the market, Twitter currently have 165 million users, foursquare has 20 million, and even social media dinosaur MySpace still boasts over 20 million active users, so these are most certainly with your attention as well. This article will focus on Facebook marketing, but most of these techniques can be applied to other social media as well.

The key to any marketing is the audience. If you don’t have an audience, the best designed marketing plan is worthless. In social media, your audience is your followers, and on Facebook, your followers are the people that have liked your page. Building likes is something that you should be focused on every day. There are two keys to building your following; in-store promotion and solid content.Here is how to get 1000 likes in 1 year on Facebook!

In-Store Promotion

The best time to get a customer to like your Facebook page is while they are in your store. First, you know that this person is the ideal audience; after all, they are shopping right now in your business. Secondly, you can ask them. People don’t like to say no to other people, and when you are asking them to do something that doesn’t cost them anything, you are likely to get a yes. You are even more likely to get a yes if you incent them, and this is our recommendation.

The majority of your customers walk into your store with a computer in their pocket. They have the ability to pull out their smart phone and like your page right there at your cash wrap. We recommend that you ask every paying customer to like your page on Facebook, and give them an incentive to do so. That incentive can be a discount on the current purchase, a free membership, or whatever other give-away that your store likes to use. The key is to give them the incentive to like you RIGHT THEN. The exchange would look something like this:

Sales Associate: Your total is $42.99. Have you liked us yet on Facebook?

Customer: No, I haven’t seen your page.

Sales Associate: Well, if you like us on Facebook on your phone right now, I can take 10% off this order.

Customer: Great

Customer then pulls out her smartphone, shows the associate that she has liked the store’s page, and the associate takes 10% off the order.

Think about this; How many transactions do you do on a weekly basis? Most retail stores would say between 100-1000 transactions a week. If you converted 1 out of five of those customers, you would grow your “fanbase” by a minimum of 1040 people in the first year of this program! That is 1040 people who have purchased at your store, whom you can get a marketing message to at your convenience, with no additional cost.  Talk about a great marketing investment!

How to prepare for a Franchise Exposition

I have been promising this particular post to some of my friends in the franchise industry for several years. Most of them have probably outgrown the need for it but the need remains for franchisor. What you need to do to prepare for a franchise expo?

I’m not talking about sales perspective. There is extensive writing on how to work at a franchise how to follow up with the leads, etc. Here’s a quick link to an article I wrote if that’s subject to researching.

I’m talking about how do you get ready?

  1. Start planning early. Not a little early, a lot! Some of the discounts for things like carpet and electricity at expositions can ¼ to ½ of the cost you would spend if you ordered them early enough. The cost of delaying the shipment of a standard tradeshow booth, as an example, could be $850 in and of itself.
  2. prepare your personal life. If you work a franchise Expo correctly, you will leave exhausted. Showing up to a franchise Expo without being well rested and in balance mentally will significantly interfere with your ability to execute on your show plan and affect not only your performance at the franchise Expo but thereafter.
  3. have a list. It may seem obvious to pack business cards, but do you have a business card holder? Obviously you’re going to include flyers, but have you thought about a mini vac? I’m sure you’ve considered a tablecloth, but what about something to keep the lint off? Bring your own water bottles could literally save you $100 to $200. Here is an example list of things that you may not consider parking. Notice that there is nothing all that is traditional, like business cards or flyers.
  • Power Strip
  • Vacuum
  • Cooler
  • Water
  • steamer
  • Pens
  • I Pad
  • Table cloth
  • Business Card Holder
  • cough drops
  • Lint roller
  • magic marker
  • TV and Base
  • backup power supplies
  • corporate org chart
  • note pad
  • USB drive
  • Cash
  • Small tool kit

I strongly encourage that you have a complete packing list including the traditional items and review it at the end of each show. Think about the things you wish you would’ve had throughout the day and make sure they’re on your list for the next show.

Set expectations with current pipeline, brokers, and relevant corporate staff. You will be less responsive for several days. Make sure that the people who need to know that, know that.

  1. make sure auto responders, vacation responders, and voicemails are set correctly.
  2. Make sure that not only is your follow-up process established, but all collateral and related material has been prepared well in advance.

This list is by no means exhaustive. These are, however, the things that I have seen people miss the most often and have the most frustration caused by. More importantly, hopefully this list will get you thinking about the things that you have not thought about when it comes to traditional franchise exposition planning.